Over the past year my blog has grown more succesful than I could ever have imagined, and as it has grown, so has the amount of PR requests. 

I do accept PR items, but only if they're relevent to my blog. I quite frequently get requests that I turn down as they have very little relevance to my blog and therefore it would be unfair of me to review said item. I can always tell when a PR company has genuinely read my blog, my disclaimer, my about me details.etc, and this pleases me. Sponsered/gifted items will always be reviewed with my own opinions, I will NEVER accept a product if I am asked to lie or be dishonest and my opinons are all my own. I will more than happily review a product negatively, if I personally dislike it, no matter whether it has been bought by myself or gifted to me.

I will always clearly state as to what is PR products and what is not. Items will be labeled with 'C/O' so that my readers can clearly see what is a free sample and what is not. I dont think its fair to be dishonest and to make out that I did buy the product, when quite clearly I did not.

All images, words,etc. are copyright to Dolly Daydream unless stated otherwise. Please refrain from using/taking these images without my permission. I will more than happily accept for you to use on of my images if I am made aware through an email or tweet. I will not be happy if I find my images being used elsewhere without my prior consent. I would apprecaite it if I do accept for you to use one of my images that you credit it back to me, so that it is clear where the photo came from and who took it! Not a lot to ask really!

- The titles to many outfit posts are song lyrics and the artist to the song are always credited within the post.
- The floral image used on my blog design was not created by me, but was aquired from a google search.
- My blog design is courtesy of Gillian at Elevatormusik and my blog template is by Blogger.

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