eBay Haul

Sunday, 9 August 2015

 All items were bought via eBay

It is without doubt that anybody with access to the internet has spent many a minute on eBay. I for one, have a slight obsession with the site. A love-hate relationship, if you will. Totally devoted to it when I win a bargain, and totally devastated when I lose out.  However, fortunately the former seems to be more in my favour, and I am fortunate in having gained many beautiful pieces for my wardrobe.

I seems that within the blogging community, eBay is under-rated. Where else could you buy a pure silk, vintage item for £10? (see photos). Maybe its the fact that it takes time and patience, and some disappointment before truly getting any positive from it. If you know what you're looking for, then there is no better place to begin that eBay, especially if you're within a budget.

Over the past few months I have bought several items that I feel quite smug about. The first is a brand new embellished Topshop skirt, which would usually retail for £50, and I managed to gain it at £6 including post & packaging. The second is another embellished Topshop piece, and one that I was lusting after when it was available in store. The sparkly mint piece retailed at roughly £50 again, and I managed to treat myself to it at £8 including post and packaging. Another item was the black, embellished (can you see a pattern here? BIG embellishment fan!) crop top, which I paid £3 for (again, including p&p), and although I am not a big wearer of cropped items, I felt that for £3, I could add it to my collection and wear it over the top of a dress or with high-waisted bottoms. Lastly, I sealed a deal with the vintage, pure silk top (which could also be worn as a VERY short dress!) when I won the auction at £10 (including p&p). 

All items have already been thoroughly loved by myself and the best part is that no piece cost me more than £10. Which, for a twenty-year-old, who is just embarking on an adult journey with a limited budget, is very satisfying indeed.

I encourage everyone to pursue eBay in the search for a much coveted item at an affordable price, as why pay £50 when you can pay £6?!

August Wishlist: The Shoe Edit

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

 one / two / three / four / five / six

Until recently, I have never really been a shoe-aholic. My focus has always been pretty dresses and embellished skirts, however, my focus lately has changed. (This may be an age development, considering that I have also began to eat Dark Chocolate and drink red wine, total adult alert!)

So this month I have been craving shoes, and have spent many a lunchtime browsing the ASOS website. Shamefully, all of the above shoes are on ASOS, I am guilty for not offering great diversity in brands in this case. I intended to share a wide variety of shoes from many different sources, however, as you can see I got very carried away on ASOS alone.

I am such a sucker for anything with embellishments, bows and pom-poms, and I seem to be fortunate that all of those things are very much in season right now. The only issue that I am presented with is that I am on a spending ban currently, and therefore am left to just lusting after these in image form. However, August pay-day may be a battle on my self restraint.

Which ones are your favourites?

Recipe: Fudgey Triple Chocolate Brownies

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

In the future, I picture my house being made purely of chocolate brownie slabs. Its a dream, that as a major chocoholic, I take very seriously. So, when the weather decided to put a stop to all play at the weekend, my boyfriend and I decided that we would get in practice for the return of The Great British Bake Off. 
Cut 185g of unsalted butter into small pieces and place into a glass bowl, add 180g of milk chocolate and 100g of dark chocolate and melt all together in the bowl suspended above boiling water. Be careful not to burn the chocolate. Once all melted together, leave to cool.

Prepare your baking tin, and pre-heat the oven. I have a fan oven, and cooked these at 160C. Break three large eggs in a bowl and add 200g of caster sugar and 75g of light brown sugar. Use a hand whisk and beat together until they mixture looks thick and creamy (kind of like a milkshake), which takes about 5 minutes of whisking.

Then add the chocolate mixture from step one to the egg mixture from step two. Mix them slowly together and then stir with a wooden spoon gently.

Then sift in 85g of plain flour and 30g of cocoa powder. Mix the whole mixture well, without beating the hell out of it. Then add white chocolate chips and they're ready for the oven. Bake for around 20 minutes before checking on them, depending on your oven you may need to bake them for longer (I baked mine for around 30 minutes). However, be careful not to overtake, thats a sure way to ruin all your hard-work. 

Don't forget GBBO starts next week...!

NARS Eyeshadow in Ondine

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

In recent months I have become a big fan or NARS cosmetics. Perhaps its because NARS was the first high-end brand that I indulged in, then again it may be the amazing quality and the fact that its worth every penny. I convinced myself that I needed to invest in more NARS eyeshadows, due to my love for my duo that I received for Christmas. The quality is far above that of any other eyeshadows I own from drugstore brands, and now that I have branched out into the higher end eyeshadows, such as NARS, I will not be going back!

Ondine immediately caught my eye when I was last at the NARS counter in Space NK. Its a beautiful light dusty rose shade, with a shimmery undertone, which is hardly noticeable. When worn I find it to be only a few shades darker than my natural eyelids, and its therefore an incredibly subtle colour to wear, perfect for natural makeup looks. As custom with NARS eyeshadow, the shadow is highly pigmented and it is long lasting. 

If you're thinking of branching out into the more expensive makeup brands, then NARS really is the place to begin. The prices are justifiable when you realise hoe superior the quality is. 

Lush 'Butterball' Bath Bomb Review

Monday, 16 December 2013

The winter months have arrived, and it is customary that when the winter rolls in, the bath products roll out. I go slightly overboard on bathbombs when the weather gets colder, I find that there is something comforting about a warm bath and colourful bubbles!

I recently decided to try 'Butterball', a low fuss bathbomb. Its not the most exciting, there are no colours too it, no confetti that pops out, no masses of bubbles, no glitter, no loud fizzing, all in all its quite the boring bathbomb. However, it has other qualities that make it equally worth it. Firstly, its not called 'Butterball' for nothing, it leaves your skin feeling as if you've soaked in butter, and there is certainly no need to use body butter after popping this in your bath. It leaves your skin feeling thoroughly moisturised, and baby soft. It almost feels that there is a layer of the bath bomb still clinging to your skin for days afterwards.

It doesn't have a scent, that I could determine. Just a slight hint of cocoa butter. It fizzes marginally, (in the photos, I added the bath bomb into an already bubble filled bath), but it generally goes quite undetected after the bathbomb has completely disintegrated. 

Its one of Lush's cheaper bath bombs, at only £2.50. But it certainly is packed with all the goodness, and not worth missing out on!

MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive

Friday, 13 December 2013

I very rarely shop at MAC, purely because my nearest counter is over an hour away and I dont trust buying makeup online. So, you can imagine how excited I was when I came across a MAC store on my travels in London last week. I could have spent hours, and hours deliberating over what I wanted, and I really could have bought a big bundle of items, but I am trying to be restrained and so I went in with the idea of picking up an eyeshadow. Initially I wanted Woodwinked, but it is incredibly similar to all the other eyeshadows I own, so I decided to go for something a little different. So, thats how I came to own Sumptuous Olive, which is a shade I have heard mentioned frequently in videos by Tanya Burr and Pixiwoo. Having green eyes, I felt that the olive toned shadow would suit my eyes and just be a better alternative to my go-to neutrals.

Sumptuous Olive is a gold toned olive shade, with a deep green undertone, it is ideal for green eyes. Its highly pigmented, and long lasting, as custom with MAC shadows. It is understandable as to why Sumptuous Olive is mentioned frequently on blogs and YouTube as it is a very different and unique shade. It also blends alongside brown shadows and works to create a beautiful smokey eye for green eyes.

Mini Chanel Haul

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A few weeks ago, as I was meant to be buying gifts for other people, I made a few sound investments for myself. I intended on buying a lipgloss to wear throughout the festive period, something shimmery and luxurious, so naturally I went for Chanel. I then got caught up in the experience and also indulged in one of the creamy Illusion De Ombres eyeshadows. The quality of both is incredible, as you'd naturally expect from Chanel. The packaging is luxurious and classy, again something that is a given when buying from Chanel.

Firstly, the lipgloss. The shade is almost clear, there is little colour to it even though in the tube it appears quite coral with hints of pink. Due to the colouring it means that it enhances my natural lip colour, there is a hint of pink amongst the shimmer and glitter. It has purple undertone, purely because of the shimmer which has an almost holographic quality. It looks natural and subtle just worn on its own, and adds a special quality when worn over the top of lipstick. Its not 'sticky' or unbearable on the lips, its almost unnoticeable, which is exactly what is desired from any lipgloss! It lasts for hours and even when the gloss wears off, the shimmer is left, so it takes a lot to fully remove this lipgloss.

The eyeshadow, was a spontaneous purchase. Its not ideally the colour I would usually opt for, being a neutral, brown eyeshadow kind of girl! I dont own anything remotely similar, and I did wonder how much use I would get out  of it. I have always been a fan of cream based eyeshadows, they're so easy to use and look incredibly natural. The Chanel Illusion De Ombres however are not incredibly easy to blend, it is almost impossible to use a brush with this product as the colour payoff is poor. It is easier to blend and apply with fingers, and then I find that the product blends more evenly and the pigment is richer. The product is strongly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Ebloui is a rich cranberry colour with a dark brown tone to it, there is also a subtle underlying gold shimmer. Typically with Chanel, every detail is thought of, and along with the Illusion De Ombres, you receive a tiny little eyeshadow brush, which if you already own eyeshadow brushes, is pretty useless. But, for those that don't have brushes, its an ideal offering. 

What do you think of these products?
are they worth the price tag?

Spot Prone/Oily Skin Essentials

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Veteran followers of this blog will be aware of my battle in regards to my skin. I have, for many years now, 'struggled' with spot breakouts and oily skin and over these years I have tried and tested many, many products. A majority have been to no avail, leaving my skin irritated and angry, however I have discovered a few gems and I thought it only fair to share my secrets!

St Ives Apricot Scrub (Dry/Sensitive Skin)
A facial scrub that is packed with tiny little beads of natural exfoliants, that are gently abrasive on your skin. A pea-sized amount is all you need as the scrub is crammed with exfoliating particles. I have never used a facial scrub before that leaves my skin so squeaky clean afterwards, and I can always see a difference in the natural radiance of my usually dull and oily skin after use. I always buy the 'Dry/Sensitive Skin' version, as I dont want it to strip too much oil out of my face, as I dont wish for my skin to then overcompensate. 

Soap & Glory Hocus Focus 
Hocus Focus is an 'instant visual flaw-softening lotion', which highlights and gives radiance to the skin. I generally tend to apply it to the tops of my cheekbones and down my nose for a glowing, highlighted look. It has an almost iridescent quality which makes its glow look natural and fresh, whilst also allowing it to counterbalance any dark areas and almost subtly conceal them. I have incredibly oily skin and usually stay well away from highlighters, believing them to make my face look more shiny. However the qualities of hocus focus, not only give you a natural glow but also hides blemishes and flaws.

Lush 'Cupcake' Fresh Face Mask
Cupcake is specifically made for problematic skin, which was my original motive for buying it. It claims to sooth troublesome skin and remove dirt and grime that lead to spots and blackheads. I use this mask around once weekly or fortnightly (careful not to overdo it on the rich ingredients that may be a little too much for my sensitive skin) and I truly do see how my skin transforms and becomes slightly tighter and clean. Its quite thick and not the most pleasant smelling product out there, but in terms of results, it really is a winner.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Without doubt the best concelear I have ever tried (and I have tried Benefits Erase Paste), it is affordable and truly a miracle worker. Its fantastic on dark circles, and suits any skin type in that respect, and it is also a dream blemish concealer. It does exactly as it says, conceals and is long lasting, even on my oily skin. 

Soap & Glory Dr Spot
I have tried, what seems like a million spot treatments, that have all claimed to clear spots in 24hours, and I have always been disappointed. However I recently purchased Dr Spot, which is not a product I have heard of before and the rest is history. I can honestly say that I do see quite a dramatic difference over 24hrs, it doesnt completely remove blemishes but it reduces the redness and the angry appearance that spots can have. Its a gel like consistency and slightly stings when applied to any 'open' blemishes. It retails at £8, which is quite reasonable when you consider that most similar products are around the £10-£15 mark, so I am incredibly impressed by such a little tube!!

What are your skincare essentials?
Do you suffer with oily/spot prone skin too?

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